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Air transportation
Location Ukraine
Branch Air transportation
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4 months
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Simplify travel, maximize benefits

The idea of this project is to make traveling easier. Our team analyzed large amounts of information to ensure that the website analyzes only relevant loyalty programs and provides only relevant requests for its users.


The main task of the team was to create a portal where the user could choose the most favorable flight out of all possible ones.

We realized this by developing a "calculator" with a database containing information about all airlines and payment systems.

It worked in such a way that the user chose the point of departure and the point of arrival by selecting the zones in which the points of departure and destination fall, and the program, in return, generated the best routes for the trip.

A special feature of this project is a unique module that allows the user to enter any number of points on their cards into the appropriate field, after which the "Analysis" function will offer the best payment methods and the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

The user can save the results in PDF format.


The created product meets all the expectations of the customer and travelers.

During the development, we achieved all the goals set, we took into account the current needs of users for its successful development and scaling. Users will be able to plan their trip in just a few clicks.

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