Front-end & Back-end Web Development

We develop products, solutions and services tailored to a specific industry, like ecommerce, fintech, retail, healthcare, media, entertainment, BigData, etc.

How we work

Our experienced web developers build complex systems and large-scale solutions to achieve your business goals. To provide highly customized, scalable and integrated solutions, we work with numerous enterprise technologies.


We support your product on all stages of its life-cycle thinking about how to solve your problem differently, faster, and better.


We have more than 10 years of dedicated experience in creating enterprise level solutions, know all the pitfalls of building projects from scratch and value every penny invested in the project.


To deliver outstanding solutions we work with toolset of world-wide proven technologies:
JavaScript/TypeScript (Next.js, React.js, Vue.js), Node.js(Express.js, Nuxt.js), Python (Django/Flask), AWS, Terraform, SQL(PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, MariaDB) & NoSQL(Mongo, Elastic, Redis) DBMS's


To meet your specific needs we are flexible to scale up and enhance your development team even in ongoing project.


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