What are IoT solutions and whatopportunities does iot software development open?

IoT is the concept where some devices are united in the wireless or wire network with the interaction between each other and with the environment without human intervention and human factor impact.

Within the last dozens of years, active IoT development proves that this is the future!

IoT solutins allow businesses from all existing fields using the items internet opportunities for development and better work of business.

For example, IoT solutions can help to automate iindustrial processes, trading, banking sector, smart appliances systems, crypto projects, logistics, agriculture, other businesses and state management.

What tasks does iot development software solve?

Incresing business productivity

Developed IoT solutions for concrete business tasks and sphere allow increasing significantly the productivity and efficiency of different processes automatically.

IoT solutions help to determine the existing problems and ways of their solutions, collect the data, and create recommendations to increase productivity and optimization.

Increasing efficieny in the operations management


Production processes, or chains of organizational actions, in both situations IoT solutions help to make these processes more efficient, and minimize mistakes made within the working processes.


Optimization of the resources expenses and profitability growth


IoT solutions reduce expenses of time and other resources needed to serve businesses due to the timely mistakes detection and recommendations for their removal.

Consequently, mistakes and expenses for the company and processes management fall in number, the actions become more rational and business brings more profits working as watches.


Improving client’s service and LTV growth (revenue got during LTV of the client and its interaction with the business)

IoT solutions collect the data about client’s needs and how to provide thwe best solution.

It allows increasing the service quality, clients’ loyalty, recommendations growth for your business from client to acquaintances, and repetitive requests of the client to your company.

Consequently, the existing clients feel happy, make new purchases, recommend your company to their acquaintances and partners, and the number of clients is growing every month.


How and where IoT solutions are applied?

Almost any business field needs IoT solutions as the right usage of the IoT opportunities leads to the business growth and its revenues.

Let’s approve our words with some examples from different businesses:



There are different types of IoT solutions including processes and management automation technologies, equipment work visualization, supplies chains transparency, machinery sight, solution for human factor exclusion,  minimization of mistakes and injuries, provision of the production correspondence to the norms of harmful emmissions etc.


IoT solutions in the healthcare sector alllow improving the protection and safety of the data, including blockchain, automating processes, providing remote medical services, transparent financing and distribution of the medicines, creating and providing physical devices control etc.



Development and implementation of the IoT solutions enables to check needs, behaviour and satisfaction level of the customers automatically, increase sales offering interesting related goods, configure advertisement efficiently and reach the audience with it in case the customers didn’t complete the order process, monitor and optimize supplies chains, use contactless payment advantages etc.

Transport and logistics

IoT solutions allow solving a wide range of tasks including creation and provision of the stable autopilots work like Tesla, optimizing supplies logistics, monitoring cargo movement in real time, protecting data and checking personnel and drivers authenticity with blockchain and other technologies, get transparent reports in real time etc.



Developed IoT solutions allow analyzing soils data and fertilizers graphics, irrigation, harvest collection, harvest forecasting and weather changes, controlling in real time the situation on the fields and animal plants, automating feed graphics and processes, measuring necessary indicators, fixing cattle health state and its movements,controlling and optimizing supplies chains, monitoring products safety, forecasting quality of the products, optimizing expenses etc.

What does IoT solutions development include?

As you can see, for each sphere, the range of problems, tasks and concrete solutions may differ, however the main goal of the IoT solutions remains the same - improve the automation of the business, optimize the processes, expenses, monitor the problems and mistakes, help businesse to grow and increase profitability.

To implement these tasks, IoT offers a big range of solutions including iot mobile app development services, developing a operating system for iot services, blockchain iot development services, blockchain iot software development services and else

Where you can order iot software development services ?

This field is very coplicated, and includes many solutions. Hiring developers to the staff team for each component is expensive and risky as it’s necessary to establish communication between all specialists and get a separate solution for each of them compatible with others.

The same refers to the involvement of the independent freelance developers to get the complex result in the IoT development is almost impossible.
These ways of finding iot development services in 96% of cases won’t give results, will cause significant time losses and expenses for control, extra work and changes.

The most reliable, fast and profitable strategy to get IoT solution is iot software development company

Our company .K.I.S.S. works with IoT and other development directions since 2006 providing complex solutions for all business tasks without involvement of unverified specialists.


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