Owning a successful IT business is easier than buying a car!

  • No experience is required (we will teach you everything)
  • You don’t need a lot of money (you can start with the amount of $47k or more)
  • You don’t need to wait for a long time (everything gonna be launched in 2 weeks)
  • Already in one year, your revenue can reach $200k

IT business is not chilling!

  • We will help you with the orders flow (leads generation via Linkedin is included in the cost/6 months)
  • We will help you to create an efficient sales department (in 3 months, also included in the cost)
  • We will help you with an efficient online presence (SMM for 6 months is included in the cost)

High service level from the beginning

  • Top Ukrainian programmers team at your disposal
  • More than 10 years of experience
  • Great results of work with blockchain, mobile development, cybersecurity, web development

Cooperation with us gives you

The franchise will pay off in 7-12 months

Instead of you, we are building a leadgeneration in LinkedIn

We are creating a sales department

Within 6 months we will provide effective SMM instead of you

take care of all the risks and complicated processes
focus only on clients and calculating your earnings

What is an IT Franchise?

It is a ready-made solution for running an IT company for those who don’t have experience in the IT industry and want to avoid common mistakes in starting a new IT.

With our IT franchise, you get a ready-to-operate IT company from the first day of purchasing a service package.


How it works?

Getting ready for work
Build your sales department online in 3 months
* we can form a remote sales department from Ukrainian specialists. This way, you will support the Ukrainian market and save 4 times on salary costs.
  • Team training in IT sales processes
  • Development of a model of communication with clients
  • Preparation for participation in thematic exhibitions and events
Leadsgeneration and marketing
SMM on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram
  • Lead Generation and maintenance of your LinkedIn profile
  • Creating personal landing
  • The constant support of our marketing specialist during your work

Analysis of your target market to determine the most promising niche of work, search for insights

Constant support
Conducting financial processes with the end customers
  • Consulting support
  • Regular internal conferences
  • Community activities .K.I.S.S.

IT Franchise is a perfect solution for you, if you are:

Benefits for the entrepreneur

You already know what it is: to manage a business and a team, to develop in the market and to reach new heights. We offer you to use all your experience and work to get extra profit from it. You will not need to leave your business and explore a new field. Partnership with .K.I.S.S. - this is your opportunity to create an additional channel of profit. Minimum difficulties - maximum benefits.

Benefits for the manager

It's time to go to another level and start the game big. Partnership with .K.I.S.S. will open to you the door to one of the most promising areas - IT, where you can easily apply your communication and organizational skills. Use all the experience gained to your advantage.

Benefits for an IT specialist

For you, IT is an open book with hundreds of possible storylines. Partnership with .K.I.S.S. - this the opportunity to follow the most interesting of them, using their knowledge and contacts to continue their development in this promising area.

Your steps to success!


have a client who is interested in the IT product for $10 000 or more


share with us your customer's request (short description)


we calculate the budget according to the client's needs


appoint a meeting with us, you and the client


we develop highly the TT with the appropriate budget


we will take care of all legal issues and minimize the risks


If you are ready to start in

All you need is willing to reach success in your upcoming business and 47 000$ (for the first 10 partners) to sign our bonding.
All you need is willing to reach success in your upcoming business and 75 000$ (for the first 10 partners) to sign our bonding.
All you need is willing to reach success in your upcoming business and 120 000$ (for the first 10 partners) to sign our bonding.

Let's get in touch

Tell us some information about your project. Lets start doing business!

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