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We are young, creative, and brave specialists. Our only mission is to Keep IT Services Simple (.K.I.S.S.) for you.

.K.I.S.S. has developed cutting-edge solutions since 2006 with a team of over 35 professionals. We have passion and dedicated experience in mobile apps, custom software systems, cyber security, and blockchain projects. We create impressive products for your business without any tension and anxiety.

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our incredible team

We Believe People Are The Key To Success.

Evgeniy Kasyanenko
Europe Asia CIS countries

  • - IT veteran “the solver” - Timing and Pricing Discipline Above All - We put our reputation on quality we deliver
Alex Kocherev
Europe USA Asia

  • - Former Head of Ukraine State Social Ministry IT Security “the security geek” - Result beyond formalities - Knowledge of tons of hidden traps in IT business • Tailor solutions no templates
Diana Rainveter
Operation manager

  • - Streamlining Operations, Maximizing Results
Andrii Holubets

  • - 7 ears experience in IT More than 100 successful projects
Stanislav Taranovskiy

  • - 10 years of experience in IT More than 50 successful projects
Viacheslav Kravchuck

  • - 3 years of experience in IT More than 10 successful projects
Mariia Shapran

  • - Junior Project Manager 1 year of experience in IT
Anna Zinevich

  • - SMM-manager 3 years of experience in IT
Dmytro Ivashuk

  • - SMM Lead/ Digital marketer 4 years of experience in implementing marketing strategies
Yaroslava Krytska

  • - SMM-manager 2 years of experience in IT
Evgenyi Hlushchenko
PHP developer

  • - More than 10 years experience in IT Developed projects in e-commerce, MLM, B2B, education.
Anatoliy Marchenko
PHP developer

  • - More than 6 years experience in IT field. Creation of sites from scratch of any complexity and configuration. Support, improvement of existing sites. Continuous personal and professional growth. High motivation to achieve goals.
Oleg Androsenko
PHP developer

  • - With over 5 years of experience in the IT field, I specialize in building websites from the ground up, handling projects of varying complexity and configurations.
Maksym Lisovoy
Flutter/Dart developer

  • - 4 years in Mobile development (3.5 in Flutter). Masters degree Computer Engineering
Pavlo Kliuiev
Unity developer

  • - Unity developer 6 years of experience in IT 6 successful projects
Konstantyn Kryvonos
Java developer

  • - middle java developer 4 years of experience in IT 5 successfully completed projects
Vladyslav Shevchenko
Vue js developer

  • - Software Engineer with 3.5 years of experience. Worked with C++ and javascript, REST, Vue 2, Vue 3, Vuex, Pinia, Vue router, svn, GitLab, Cygwin, and Jira, and had some experience with JAVA and legacy code. I am confident in applications that I create with best practices and focus on results and covering the goals of the project. Not afraid of new technologies and legacy maintenance.
Dmytro Lakiza
UX/UI designer

  • - He implements UI/UX, product design and branding, thanks to his experience and understanding of design, integrates the best practices and solutions into each project.
Aleksandra Kravchuck
QA manual

  • -
Ruslana Yevsiukova
support manager

  • - 3 years experience in IT customer support
Yelyzaveta Hlinska
Support team leader

  • - 6 years experience in IT customer support. Great experience with customers from different countries such as USA, China, GB, Ukraine and other Europe countries.
Inna Nazarenko
support manager

  • - Customer support manager 1 years experience in IT customer support
Valerii Lutsenko
Sales manager

  • - Sales Executive Over 7 years of experience in Sales I have excelled in several sales types, showcasing my adaptability, versatility, and ability to navigate diverse markets and industries while consistently achieving outstanding results.
Sofia Trush

  • - Lead Generation Manager 3 years of experience in IT more than 20 clients brought to the company Marketing skills English and German languages
Iryna Martyrosian

  • - Lead Generation Manager 2 years of experience in LeadGen
Alina Lopushinskaya

  • - lead generation manager 3 months of experience
Antonina Motorna

  • - 16 years of experience in HR of which 6 years in IT Have experience with closing different vacancies/technologies: JAVA, C++, IOS, Android, Frontend, JAVA Script, Node.JS, QA (manual, automation), UI/UX Designer, DBA, Data Scientist, Big Data, C-Level vacancy: General Manager, HRD, CFO, CTO.
Viktor Zubkov

  • - SEO Specialist 7 years of experience in IT Over 80 optimized projects in different niches
Pavlo Konopada
Flutter developer

  • - 5 years in Mobile development
Dmytro Holub
Senior Laravel Developer

  • - More than 12 years experience in IT
Elena Kotova
PHP developer

  • - 12 years of experience in IT 20 successfully completed projects
Oleksandr Pshenichniyi
PHP developer

  • - Middle PHP Developer
team ways cooperation

At .K.I.S.S. Software, our approach to teamwork is based on synergy and shared goals. We believe that true success is achieved through collaborative efforts that bridge the gap between your vision and our technical expertise. Our team of professionals integrates seamlessly with your internal processes, becoming an extension of your workforce. We emphasize open communication, active feedback, and proactive thinking to ensure that every project thrives in a seamless teamwork environment. 

Expertise in various industries

Our team of experts has a wealth of experience in various areas of IT. From software development to cybersecurity, our specialists have specialised skills that cover the full range of IT outsourcing services.

Dynamic problem solving

We approach every project with a solution-oriented mindset, using our collective knowledge and creativity to overcome obstacles. Whether it's adapting to new technologies or developing strategies to optimise processes, our experts are able to find effective and efficient solutions.

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