Blockchain Development & Consulting Services

We help our clients build Blockchain solutions and provide consulting service for different industries, such as healthcare & insurance, fintech, automotive & logistic, entertainment & media, etc.

How we work

We have massive experience in blockchain technology to build your own blockchain, cryptocurrency and crypto wallets, implement smart contracts & DeFi, powering all kinds of business relations with transparency.


We develop blockchain solutions from design and prototyping to testing and maintenance.

Smart Contracts

Our team provides implementation of immutable smart contracts, including multi-layer transaction routing (like IBAN, but ICAP), account recovery services for lost keys, protection against unauthorized changes and much more.


Our large tech stack covers blockchain-related programming languages including Java, Go, and Solidity.

Consulting Services

We provide a wide range of Blockchain Consulting Services, from business requirements analysis to integration with clients' systems and elaboration of a migration strategy.


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