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Main idea

This is an app for medical doctors, which helps to monetize their experience and knowledge. For different activities doctors get points, which they can convert to real money.

We had a task to develop an educational application with gamification elements, which can be used by a pharmaceutical company for cooperation with doctors of different specialities from various healthcare facilities. With help of the app a pharmaceutical company could promote its drugs and inform doctors directly of drug effectiveness.

Main idea
Video conferences and drugs promotion modules


By means of our development solutions any doctor can register in the app, confirm his/her speciality, place of employment and get bonuses for active use of the app. 

A doctor has a task list per day, which he/she has to accomplish in order to get a certain amount of points. The task includes watching a presentation or a video about the drug and passing of an issue-related test as a game. 

The app shows the doctor’s profile and his/her bonuses account, also it allows to write a prescription and provides the medication regimen. Using this app, a doctor can send a prescription to the patient by email, to a messenger or as a link in sms. The application recommends to a doctor a relevant drug list, which can be prescribed for a patient. Promoted drugs appeared first in the list.  

Also, the app includes casual games for doctors to exercise in drug usage. For example, a doctor chooses a drug in the game, on the screen one can see symptoms, active ingredients or diagnoses, if the doctor picks correctly, he/she gets points. The app shows doctors while playing which active ingredients of drugs are better for particular symptoms, in which case it is better to prescribe one or another drug.

By means of embedded video conference modules doctors can communicate with medical representatives online right from their office. 

In order to appoint online meetings there was a calendar function implemented in the app. Video conferences were recorded and then analyzed, according to this doctors get bonus points. 

45 000 of doctors registered in the app in a few months after its launch, which is approximately 30% of all practicing doctors in Ukraine.



Solution for all platforms 

iOS, Android developers, back-end developers.

TECHNOLOGIES: Swift, Java, UI2, PHP, WEB RTC Streaming for video conferences 


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