Security and penetration tests in cooperation with Ernst & Young
Cybersecurity Cybersecurity


iExchange is a new-generation cryptocurrency exchange, which is a resident of the Hi-Tech Park.

 We checked the whole their structure and conducted penetration tests.

 To realize the launch iExchange involved an outside developer. Our task was to check the development-company and to conduct a penetration test. While testing we revealed that the involved company had access to the iExchange clients database.

 Also, the High Technology Park, where the iExchange market was located, had its own specific safety requirements for residents. We helped our client to prepare for check-ups and to follow all the safety conditions.  

 The Ernst & Young Company carried out a full financial audit, and our experts made preparations for cyber security control. After implementation of our recommendations, we together with a client submitted a technical report to Ernst & Young. Thus, our work was checked by Ernst & Young. We passed all the inspections successfully


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