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Global decentralized luxury watch database with provenance, cost and ownership verification built on blockchain. 

This is a luxury watch database on Blockchain.

Luxury watches are often being stolen and sold, also it’s a usual thing to get an item with a fake serial number. Watch-repairers can’t know for sure whether a particular watch was stolen or not. We developed an application, which helps to store your data and luxury watch history without risk. Because of Blockchain it is impossible to fabricate or change this database.

In the app you may find information about the owner, date of purchase/sale, breakdown records and any previous guarantee services info. 


Blockchain based database

A user can pay a sum of tokens and add data about the watch to the system or get info about the item he/she is interested in: date of purchase/sale, breakdown records and any previous guarantee services info, owner’s personal details. Also, the app allows you to mention the right of ownership or to transfer the property right to another person. 

Hash sum is used to find the watch in the app. The user enters the watch model, brand, serial number and according to the hash sum gets all the info about the watch.

Blockchain based database

Solution for all platforms

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TECHNOLOGIES: Blockchain, PHP, YI2, Swift

Solution for all platforms

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