Multicurrency tokenization platform
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Crypto assets network lets users issue, exchange and trade digital assets, both in Ncrypto’s and in external exchanges.  

The platform’s solutions allow making it easy and secure.  

Fork stellar Blockchain for setting up crowdfunding companies. 

We created a platform, where anyone can invent a custom token and list it for sale on the currency market.


Create and sell custom tokens

To invent a custom token user has to sign up, create the company's personal page and choose the image for a token.

There are various sale periods to sell tokens: pre-sale, private sale, crowd sale. According to the sale period users can indicate different prices for token. 

Visiting the company's page, users can see the progress: sold tokens quantity, company’s goals achievements. If the company didn’t achieve the goal (less than 10% of sale), money would return to users, who bought tokens. 

Create and sell custom tokens

Solution for all platforms

iOS, Android developers, a Python developer, a front-end developer

TECHNOLOGIES: Fork stellar Blockchain, Bootstrap, HTML5, Python 

Solution for all platforms

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