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Main Idea

Social journalism platform with a marketplace

Social journalism platform with a marketplace for eyewitnesses video and crowdfunding features.
Within 6 months we created a fully functional video streaming platform backed by crowdsourcing. The app provides the monetization tools for social journalists equating them with media companies.  

This is a video streaming platform from the venue for journalists and general users with a monetizability. 

The application was developed in 2015, at that very moment it was difficult to organize a seamless streaming. To stream via 3G or even EDGE, we invented specific frameworks. To transmit streaming data in a real-time environment, we created Real Time Protocol Streaming. For stream receiving and storage we developed a server and the iOs and Android libraries.

Within two months we created MVP with a streaming server for two platforms – iOs, Android. 

Social journalism platform with a marketplace

Video cloud storage

All the videos, uploaded by users to the application, stored in a catalogue. TV-channel or online media editors could choose and buy a video to use it on their own platforms. 

Right after the release, approximately 3000 footages from users were uploaded to the application.

Video cloud storage

Solution for all platforms

It took approximately one year to develop the application. A team of 8 people worked on it: iOs and Android developers, a C++ developer, web and front-end developers, and also a designer and a manager of the project.

Solution for all platforms

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