External and internal penetration tests, IT and IS assessment, based on PCI DSS standards
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Private bank in Georgia, the third largest bank with the largest network in the country.

We conducted external and internal penetration tests, IT and IS (information Security) assessment, based on PCI DSS standards (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

LIBERTY BANK is our regular client, we cooperate within the frameworks of security audit realization in accordance with global standards of payment cards safe use (Payment card industry data Security Standard). Within the frameworks of this project we also conduct annual system testing of Liberty Bank for external and internal penetration.  


Regular security tests

We have provided Liberty Bank with our service for security protection since 2018.

Every year we test security protection and possible outside accessibility (from the Internet) of all the external resources and IP-addresses of Liberty Bank. Carrying out an audit, we also test the internal bank network. We connect to their working zone and try to gain access to critical security areas that store credit cards data. Also, we check the possibility to gain access to a critical security zone with credit cards data from the bank working zone, where employees work (accounting staff, administrative authorities, management team).

Regular security tests

Identified vulnerabilities and report

Identified vulnerabilities and report 

After the testing procedures we provide the client with a report: list of identified vulnerabilities and their threat level, information how they can affect and advice on how it can be fixed. Even if the bank infrastructure remains constant, new vulnerabilities appear every year, this issue should be identified and fixed. As a rule, we recommend running such a check-up at least once a year, ideally twice a year or more often.


Usually this project is carried out by a three-men team: a project monitor, an auditing expert and a QA expert, who verifies the report and submits the final conclusion.

Identified vulnerabilities and report

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