What is React Native development and how does it apply to development?

What is React Native development and how does it apply to development?

React Native is a cross-platform framework (programming platform) developed by Facebook, aka Meta.

It has open source code and is used to develop native desktop and mobile applications in JavaScript and TypeScript programming languages.

React Native framework supports platforms like iOS, macOS, tvOS, Android, Android TV, Web, UWP, Windows. It has the React library, which allows developers outside the browser to create mobile and desktop applications with full access to the system APIs of the platforms.

What React Native app development tasks are solved

In today's realities, mobile app developers are faced with a constant complication of development and a number of challenges, among which is the constant increase in the audience that uses both iOS and Android smartphones, as well as other devices.

Excluding part of the audience is an unacceptable option, so the need arose for technology that enables simultaneous application development for iOS, Android, and other platforms, using the same code base.

This means that the code is created once, and there is no need to develop for each individual platform, and most importantly, the development time and cost are reduced.

This is called cross-platform - when a solution is compatible with more than one type of hardware platform.

How popular and widespread is React Native in the world?

Facebook launched React Native in 2015 and since then the framework has been one of the most in-demand in mobile app development.

React Native is used to create applications in almost all areas of business, including the world's leading applications: Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Ads Manager, Facebook Analytics, Shopify, Skype, Coinbase, Pinterest, Bloomberg, Tesla, Walmart, Uber Eats, etc.

The benefits of using React Native for app development for business.

Cross-platform and reduced development time and costs.

The code is written only once, and the app is simultaneously developed for iOS, Android, and other platforms. Native app elements are used in both iOS and Android thanks to React Native bridges.

Choosing this framework is many times more advantageous than in-house development, and the effort to develop with React Native is 40-50% less than when developing separate iOS and Android apps.

Consequently, a mobile application is implemented cheaper and faster, and thus the time to market is reduced.

Using JavaScript

At the heart of React Native is React - a JavaScript library, which even earlier had gained extreme popularity.

According to a survey by the large analytics company Statista, almost 70% of developers use JavaScript, which simplifies the work on mobile app development.

Smaller team to implement the solution

As noted earlier, when creating your own mobile developer, you need a separate team for iOS and a separate team for Android.

Disagreement between teams is a very common problem in any field of development, including mobile apps.

Although you need iOS and Android developers for React Native development too, most of the work is focused on Javascript, which facilitates both the search for contractors and the process itself.

Open Source Code

Developers are free to use the React Native library and frameworks, and the software license has only minor restrictions on the reuse of the software and provides developers with legal protection.

High performance and a huge resemblance to a self-written solution

The speed and user interface of React Native applications are almost the same as self-written solutions.

The high technology and quality of implementation of React Native framework make it one of the market leaders in its area.

What does it take to create a cross-platform React Native application?

As in all other areas of development, the business owner has two options:

To delegate mobile application development in React Native to freelancers or to look for such a developer in the company's staff, which entails the risk of finding specialists of insufficient level, with whom you will need to build communication and check their work with the help of other experts or to find flaws in an already "ready-made solution".

Turn to a React Native react native application development company, which has extensive experience and guarantees the result within the set deadlines.

KISS has more than 10 years of experience in mobile development and not only provides the best solution for all the necessary tasks on React Native and other types of development but also deeply understands the client's business to offer innovative solutions that will allow you to grow even more efficiently, outperform your competitors and keep up with all the latest technologies in IT and mobile development.


-  make even the most complex solutions simple and easy to use

- create applications from scratch and improve the idea for a successful market launch

- develop mobile apps of any complexity for iOS and Android platforms, as well as cross-platform applications 

- use the latest programming languages: Kotlin / Java for Android and Swift / Objective-C for iOS, Flutter / React Native for cross-platform applications

- guarantee timely execution of each stage of development and confidentiality of all our customers' data.

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