About websites, web portals and web applications

About websites, web portals and web applications

It’s difficult to imagine the modern world without IT technologies integration that helps to solve different tasks and increase business efficiency.

In this article, we are going to talk about websites, portals and mobile applications, which role they play and how they can help in your business development.


Website is an internet resource that has one, several or many virtual pages.

These pages are related with the common website theme and task, design and links.

Each website page contains text/ photo/ video image.

The content is converted into a web page thanks to the programming languages (HTML, PHP, CSS). This work is done by web developers, while you can do it on your own on website constructors.

Front-end developers and UI/ UX designers are responsible for the website interface, design and attractive view. Some front-end developers have serious competence in UI/ UX design that allows to avoid hiring additional experts.

Back-end developers are responsible for the technical aspect of the website creation: connection of the server, application and database for the user’s request.

Full stack developers combine skills of front-end and back-end development.

Nowadays, creating a website is an easy task both for large corporations and small businesses as well as freelancers, experts and private self-employed entrepreneurs.

With the corporate, or personal website you can sell services and goods, carry out educational activities. You can use the website as portfolio.

The steps of creation of the own website mean design development, programming and layout that unites the website components.

CMS development is necessary to create an own website while website constructors provide ready CMS.

Custom website design and development are a good option for medium and big business, the functionality of the website constructors is enough for small business and private entrepreneurs.

Professional website development on WordPress for custom wordpress website development follows the same logics, independent configuration will be enough for the small business website.

It’s important to make the website responsive, it means it should appear without mistakes on different devices: PC, mobile phones, laptops etc.

Talking about the fields that require the corporate website development would be wrong as any businesses need websites, for example, ecommerce (online shops), medical, products concerns, logistics, banking sector etc.

You should choose the type of website development (constructor, or own website) taking into account the scales of your business and current tasks.

Web portals

Every portal is a website, however not all websites are portals.

Web portal is a group of websites that opens the users the access to a big volume of thematic and auxiliary content with the links to other websites.

By its functionality, portals are better than ordinary websites as you can work with email, order goods and services, get educational and entertainment information, participate in voting, follow the news, weather forecasts, сurrency exchanges etc.

Thanks to its functionality, the portals ensure long-term interaction with the target audience.

The most important for the portal is convenient navigation, attractive design and necessary functionality for the target audience.

Creating an ordinary portal requires more resources and time compared to the development of the ordinary website.

The corporate portals are widely used by the governmental structures and big business as besides providing information and services, they allow publishing materials for the internal access of the employees, have the system for the common work and communication, integrate CRM, manage personnel, plan the working hours, use analytics and automate processes.

The portal can be used in the business processes connecting corporate services and applications.

Web portals as well as websites are relevant for all businesses. The most important is to order development taking into account the needs of your business.

Tasks of the corporate portals:

  • increase the management quality and control over the personnel and business processes

  • save working time of employees and directives

  • increase the quality of work of the employees

  • automate business processes and improve the business efficiency

Mobile applications

Mobile applications are also available and necessary both for small businesses and big corporations.

You can create a mobile application with the constructors, frameworks and native development.

Constructors allow creating a mobile application with the minimum expenses, and even without involving developers - this is the best option for small businesses.

Frameworks allow developing more complicated and powerful mobile application for iOS and Android without extra expenses for the application development for iOS, and Android separately. Cross-platform is one of the key framework advantages compared to the native development.

Nevertheless, mobile applications based on frameworks can’t ensure the high-quality display of the complicated graphics in games, and not always can satisfy the needs of big corporations.

In native development, there’s a separate application for the Android platform, and a separate one for the iOS platform. Such development is more expensive and requires more time, nevertheless, it can solve even the most difficult and large-scale tasks for big businesses.

Where to order website, web portals and mobile application development services

Small website, or a simple mobile application can be easily ordered from the private freelance developers, however, development  of more complicated websites, web portals, native mobile applications and framework application should be ordered from the specialized company.

Such approach will save your resources and valuable time as developing a complicated solution with freelancers requires HR services, communication between developers, quality control of the developed solutions and their compatibility.

As a rule, the order of complicated solutions from freelances has no success, however, doubles the expenses, and comes to the development services of an agency.

Consequently, ordering mobile development services from an experienced company with serious cases gives a better product at the end.

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