Сomplex It-solutions. What do the complex it-solutions consist of?

Сomplex It-solutions. What do the complex it-solutions consist of?

Nowadays, it’s difficult to find even a small business that doesn’t apply internet for its development.

Large corporations and crypto start-ups that produce a big part of their revenues through the internet and own IT solutions also do that.

Sooner or later, any growing business comes to the stage when ready box solutions for websites and other IT directions is not enough for the complete automation and sales volumes growth.

When switching from the box solutions to the own solutions, many businesses make the same mistake - develop their IT infrastructure with separate point solutions created by different contractors. That’s why there are difficulties with the data processing and business processes, divergences between contractors and department, and the most important - problems when using all IT solutions of the company together.

Complex it solutions  are created to solve this problem, particularly with their help you can reach better automation of the business processes and indicators, and open new opportunities for the business growth.

What do the complex it-solutions consist of?

Usually, the components of the complex IT solution differ for any business in the same field as the original data, tasks and priorities in each business are different.

However, now we are going to talk about the key components of the complex IT-solutions!

Cloud solutions - allow storing and processing all the necessary business data through the remote servers.

Hardware solutions - it is related to the material technical equipment necessary for the work of the company IT infrastructure.

Server and network equipment, systems for data storing and processing, working appliances for personnel and directives, internet systems, telephony, video surveillance etc.

IT-services - include all the necessary web, mobile, blockchain development solutions, CRM, business analytics, IT strategies, business processes management, digital workflow systems, digital archives, corporate portals, processes automation and robotization, storages management, design, advertising promotion, marketing accompaniment etc.

Cybersecurity - the most relevant field of the IT infrastructure of each business as any data vulnerabilities and leakage can cause big losses, and even the complete business collapse and criminal liability.

Cybersecurity includes protection infrastructure building, periodical penetration tests held in different ways, incidents management systems, Hard core coding for complex systems, international cybersecurity standard PCI DSS certification, employees control systems, protection from the corporate network hacking through any appliances connected to Wi-Fi.

Complex software solutions - mean choosing and configuring software for solutions software and managing all IT infrastructure,  software development solution, work of employees and directives, antiviruses, mail services, operational and office systems and other componentes.

Software Solutions in all sectors differ,however, the right solution software is as relevant as the ready solution.

Complex software solutions services, as well as other IT infrastructure components should be ordered in the same place in order to avoid problems in their work.

Complex software and hardware solutions is a complex software and complex software systems, that include the set of technical and program parts for the joint work and accomplishment of the similar tasks, one or several.

Key task of the complex IT solutions

The key task is to ensure the coherent work of all business IT infrastructure components to bring results in the efficiency indicators growth, business development and profitability.

Development of the complex IT solution is almost impossible if you use your employees only, or hire different contractors for different components.

The most efficient, quick and financially profitable solution can be ensured by the complex software solutions company, that has experience in the market, skilled team and successful cases of the complex IT solutions development.

We have been developing complex IT solutions since 2006, providing not only the solutions of the necessary tasks at the highest level but the deep understanding of the client’s business in order to offer innovative solutions that allow growing efficiently, overcoming competitors and following the leading IT technologies.

Our cases include top world and Ukrainian companies - Mercedes Benz, Ernst & Young, Liberty Bank, Aeron, Chronobase, Medbook etc.

Many other cool large projects we completed can’t be shared due to the NDA that had been signed, so if your project requires complete confidentiality, we will gladly sign the respective agreement with all guarantees.

In order to understand what complex IT solution components your business needs, book a free consultation with our experts. We will analyze your business, and offer several oprtions of the technological stack, cost and deadlines estimation.

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